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You wonder who we are, why we do what we do… By the way, what do we do?


Le Barretian wants to allow those who do not stop, to rest a little.


We are developing a unique place that produces olive oil, with wine coming soon and we welcome you to stay with us throughout the year.

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And we continue


Why  doing  all this ?

Basically, it was selfish.. 

We worked, going left and right without really stopping. 

We had this goal of being able to ask ourselves one day, without thinking, 

by living in an exceptional place while producing our own olive oil and our wine.'s really good...

So, we thought that we were probably not the only ones seeking this luxury of simplicity.

We took the time to reflect and develop our products according to the standards we set for ourselves. Since 2020, you can enjoy our olive oil, and since 2023, our first wine from the vineyard we established in 2019.


We realized that what we do at Le Barretian we do too for you. 

where is it ?

Le Barretian nestles in the Haut Var, between Les Gorges du Verdon and the Gulf of Saint Tropez.

Barretian - photo générale 2.jpg

More precisely ? In a wooded hilly area south of the village of Villecroze les Grottes.  


The Grottes de don't know? 

One more reason to drop by!


The climate ? It is that of Provence, that of the Mediterranean.




Once upon a time there was a small hamlet where a few farming families lived. 

They were quiet and lived in autarky.

Then, everyone fled the countryside to join the city.

Abandoned, the various dwellings fell into ruins to be restored in the 70s and again abandoned.

IN 2016,

In 2016, we decided to bring this place back to life.  


Surrounded by forest, a superb abandoned olive grove, old enclosures with dry stone walls, the hamlet is dusted off!

"LE BARRETIAN" is nested on more than 80 hectares that we preserve. 

Paths that we are rediscovering. 

4 hectares of olive trees that we perk up.

8  hectares of vineyards that we cherish.

A forest that we care for.

The lands that we nurture.

IN 2019-2020,

We have managed to preserve what history and the land have bequeathed to us, we have recreated this haven of peace.

We can welcome you, our rooms are charming but not outdated.


We make you discover our olive oil. Our olive trees have rewarded us, they produce more beautiful olives every year, we can claim an AOP Provence oil.


2019 is the year in which vines are reintroduced to the Barretian.

The land is prepared to receive the small vines.

The project ? 8 hectares of vines planted without distorting the site and preserving the ergonomics of the soil.

Here we brutalize neither the life of the earth nor the ecosystem. 

The grape varieties? Those of the AOC Coteaux Varois, those of our terroir,   but also other varieties intended to create Le Barretian wine...



IN 2022,

Our olive oil is awarded at the international AVPA competition in Paris and obtains its organic label.

It is also the year of wine at Le Barretian... 2024

Our Alpha Volume 4 olive oil has been awarded the Gold Medal at the General Agricultural Competition in Paris.

We invite you to discover the wines of Le Barretian.

We continue to deliver high-quality products that we hope will inspire you to visit us.

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